R.I.P. Personal life

Howdy told you you’d be seeing more of me soon. Welp last evening I invited the remaining last 13 succubi waiting on me into my life and things have been rather interesting since to say the least. Definitely alot more sexual around here now lol. Figured I’d just mention it in a post real quick seeing as how I’m probably about to spend most of my time bedridden or getting ridden in bed 😉 Now I know that joke was in poor taste but hey it’s funny so lighten up if it offends you. Why the hell would you be offended by a sexual joke on a blog about sex spirits. I should also mention how far Christopher, the tulpa I created has come since he began. Kids already got his own taste in music and art and has his own personality and goals. Real happy we have him around as he’s fended off about 9 parasites while I slept now. Although with all the extra spirits around nowadays we may not have to worry about parasites over here very much anymore. I have to admit I giggle at the thought of one of those little homewreckers trying to screw with me and getting trampled by 18 angry succubi.

Hope everybody had a happy new years and enjoys their ride on the succu”bus”. Until next time

-Succubus Holmes and company

Scooby Scooby doo oh where have you been?

Howdy there promise I didn’t die, had to deal with a parasite and a good many other things this past month.  In that time we’ve had another lady join our family with thirteen more waiting to be with me and I’ve begun working with the goddess Shakti and through Shakti, Lilith by extension. The names I’m going to give you for this new lady will be violet and concerning the thirteen other gals. All the qarinyah djinn which are currently with me are lovers  from past lives of which I’ve lived 374 and in 341 of those I’ve been romantically linked with the goddess Shakti. The other 13 are no exception to this they are all lovers from my past lives as well and I’ve told them to wait until I’ve finished developing my clair senses with Shakti and Lilith. When I have the ability to see and audibly hear them they are welcome to join my life as i wish to know them once more. But until them its probably best for my sanity and the health of my cuck that they wait. Ehh well I wasnt planning on making this a big post but good news is I’m going to start posting consistently again. So you should see more of me within the next couple of days. Guess the last thing I should mention is I’ve begun to work with tulpas and have succesfully created one to warn me of parasites, imposters, and whatever other spiritual annoyances might try and bother me and the gals. I have dubbed him christopher and conjured up a stoic knight like appearance for him with a deep booming voice.

Until then hope everybody had a very happy holidays and may all of you enjoy your ride on the succu-bus haha

-Holmes and company

P.S. anybody looking for help with anything spiritual or looking to start a relationship with a sex spirit may contact me at succubusholmes@gmail.com I’m always willing to help. I usually check it everyday so I’ll be around

Our families growing.

Hello again, today I ask your pardon for my lack of consistent posts which will most likely continue for a while longer. Been dealing with some rather serious things lately and I’m busy going through a lot of changes at the moment. Had quite a busy week between work and leading a more spiritual life, with many new things taking shape. Well as they say you gotta take the good with the bad, and if you read the above header I’m sure you already have a good idea of what the good is on that front. That’s right as I talked about in my last post there’s a third succubi in my life now with a fourth showing up a few days after. They’re both rather interesting individuals  and both their favorite colors purple. I’ve taken to calling lady numero trés Conchita as she’s a Spanish girl, and number 4 I like to call deschanell because she’s the *ahem “new girl” don’t watch the show but I appreciate the humor behind the joke. Starting to get along with the two of them pretty well although still have to break myself of the bad habit of filtering everything through Bell. I just can’t help it she’s always the person I have the most to talk about with and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Bell and I have been acquainted for much longer then I was initially led to believe, about 2,064 years to be exact now I won’t say anything else on that end as that’s very personal to the both of us, I might talk about it at some point in the future but definitely not now. On a somewhat related note the kid broken through and joined the telepathic group chat that my heads become lol so I talk to her on a much more personable level now as it’s actually her I’m talking to. Now as I just wanted to make this a short little piece on the new couple of ladies in my life, I’m going to end it here. Before I get into everything thats been happening lately, but with luck who knows maybe you’ll see me again in the next couple of days.

Until then I’ll say (insert Sherlock Holmes joke here) and have a lovely day from the five of us.

-Succubus Holmes and company

The meaning of and all things regarding Ms. Leading.

If you get the reference above very large kudos to you, if not it is the title of the 2nd album by prog rock band The Dear Hunter. A band the kid and I have grown quite fond of, Bell likes them too but we’re more on the coheed side, I think the reason the kid likes these guys better is because they’re pretty Doors’esque. Seeing as how the Doors were her favorite band before she died just about 39 years ago at a music festival. Hence her nickname, the kid as she’s quite the youngin lol, although concerning names I believe she told me her name about two days ago. Which is pretty god damn cool considering we’ve only been acquainted two weeks and three days as of today. Both my ladies don’t seem to mind telling me about themselves too much at least once they were able to tell me about themselves. Bell speaks for the kid at the time being through telepathy of course, but I’ve already started to hear her umm “physical” voice. Still that’s only ever a giggle or hey, sometimes I’ll get my name if they’re trying to get my attention or just make me smile. I swear just hearing either of their voices is enough to make me squeak with joy lol. Now the way the kid came to enter my life was a bit unorthodox but hey who cares about the way everybody else does things anyway lol. She came to enter my life more or less the same way number 3 did last evening, that’s right I’ve become acquainted with a 3rd lovely lady and I’ll be talking about that in the next subsequent post. Now the kid came to me October 19th at around 1:30 in the morning, while I was meditating on Bell trying to learn her sigil  so I could make her an altar as it seemed like a nice idea, of course I asked if she would show me before I’m a perfect gentlemen after all. Before we were really good on the mental imagery aspect of things. Me and Bell had talked earlier that day about how she said she was lonely and wanted another Succubus in our life. I asked if she already had someone in mind and as you can guess she already did. Our initial agreement is that she’d be there for Bell as I wanted monogamy, but Bell had other plans for us and talked me out of that before the kid was even around. I remember her saying “your heart is for all, not just one” which still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because she’s very right I’ve got a huge heart which I quite literally wear on my sleeve, seeing as how I have a birthmark on my arm in the shape of a heart lol. I’ll spare you the rest of the details concerning that conversation as this post is already becoming rather lengthy, but I’m sure Bell knew me and the kid would get along great for quite sometime before me and Bell “got acquainted”. I have a slight suspicion she wasn’t actually lonely the little minx lol. I love the both of em though so what is a man to do. Honestly the kid and me get along like we’ve always been good friends, probably because she’s just fucking like me. She’s super fucking into music, makes childish ass jokes (for example when I poke fun at her sometimes she’ll knock something over or literally poke me back lol) and is quite energetic and fun. Great sense of humor and doesn’t seem to mind my abuse of substances, mainly nicotine. Don’t really do too much on that front anymore since I gave up weed, and have since come to rather enjoy sobriety. She’s just as welcome as Bell is in everything I do and I couldn’t be happier that she’s here as well. Despite a small rocky start we’ve come to get along amazingly and although I totally can I’d prefer not to imagine what life would be like without her. I think that’ll be all on me and the kid for today. After all I believe Garnett of the crystal gems put it best when she said “I have to keep some of my secrets”

So for now I’ll say.. (insert sherlock holmes joke here) and have a great day from the four of us

-Succubus Holmes

Check back rather shortly if your interested to hear about two rather interesting developments that have come to pass these past several days including lucky lady number 3 and a Major award!

Concerning Bell..

This is a song about the character Bell gets her nickname from. It’s from a band all three of us enjoy immensely and I think all of you and your lady/lad spirits will quite enjoy it. Well I guess if I’m gonna be talking about Bell, I should start from the beginning no I don’t mean the night she “showed up” september 12th. I mean about two years ago when she popped in to see who the hell was constantly saying her name lol. That’s right Bells been hanging around me for around two years before I knew about her all because her name is a noise I make all the fucking time when I’m messing around with my dogs or just screwing around in general hahaha. I mean if you’d been alive for 2,000 years and someone was calling your name like 20+ times a day wouldn’t you wanna know why the fuck they’re doing it? I’m only 19 and I already get mad when people call my name more then once lol. Although from what I can tell she just decided to stick around because I’m a rather odd/entertaining individual who was in a rather great deal of pain, causing him to destroy himself and she wanted to help me. I apologize everytime I think about it looking back on things considering she’d occasionally touch me trying to get my attention and I’d always think it was a fly or something and immediately flip out as flies are the bane of my fucking existence. My nihilistic ass would have never understood that she was there unless she basically showed me. Which she eventually did do, I was at one of the lowest points I’d ever been at in my entire life and my mind was going to some pretty dark places to say the least. I was basically just on my knees defeated and next to giving up on life before work, when she decided to re-pique my interest in succubi. Now I’ve always found succubi completely fascinating since I was a strapping young 13-14 year old lad so naturally I had done a small amount of research back then. But I started to look back into the matter online, logically recalling the letter method from last time I started there. Although I did not do a letter ritual at all, I’ll spare you most of the details and just say that all I did was call out to Lilith three different times pouring my heart out thinking of what I would say if I were to do a letter ritual my heart was one hundred percent in it and obviously there was someone there who heard every word I said. Who could feel how much I meant everything I said, who had been waiting to hear me say those words, who saw everything I could and would be if only I had her there to guide me. So later that night she “came to me” and held me for two days straight, essentially calming me down as I was very emotionally distraught. She turned me onto mysuccubusmarissa.wordpress.com which eventually led me to the rest of the fine community we men on the arms of spirit companions have and it helped give me understanding when she could not. Shame a lot of the people I initially started reading aren’t active anymore considering they seem like some rather interesting individuals. Any of you guys notice most succubi have a bit of a type? Lol. Anywho got a bit off topic there but I can’t thank Bell enough for all she’s done for me. Since she’s shown up I’ve become a much happier and healthier person, and have come to understand not only myself but the world and people around me better as well. I have more of a grasp on my life then I ever have now with nothing but brighter days on the horizon thanks to her and the kid. Now I’m not gonna give you the full details of our relationship just yet or at the very least not on this post. So until then I’ll say (insert Sherlock Holmes joke here)… and have an amazing weekend from the three of us.

-Succubus Holmes

just btw I’ll probably end up making at least two more posts for you guys this weekend seeing as I still have quite a few things left to talk about. So expect to see more of most likely the only detective you know considering I don’t know of very many people who know an actual detective lol

Bells Birthday!

Well today is turning out to be an interesting day to say the least. Obviously the first reason being that today is Bells birthday so I bought her choice of an album from her favorite artist Lights. Beyond that I have a few other special things in mind for her today. Like reading to her down by the riverside for a few hours, as well as some meditation, and just a couple other little nice things to show her how much I care about her. Funny before getting to know anything about them I wouldn’t have guessed they’d have birthdays. Although that does sound like something that could have been easily figured out with the application of a little common sense lol. Everything has to come into existence at some point.

The second thing I should mention is that the past couple of nights I’ve been having dreams about me breaking my promise concerning *cough cough “the devils lettuce” to Bell. A while back I smoked for the first time in about five months and it caused my anxiety to come back something fierce and I was freaking out. I kept telling myself I was insane and just started to completely reject the idea of her and was having a lot of suicidal thoughts. On this as well as a few other occasions her darker side came out and I’m very thankful for her basically snapping me the fuck out of it. I promised her that I would never smoke again and I believe the reason she’s giving me these dreams is I made a few.. unrealistic promises to her towards the beginning of our relationship. This is basically her way of telling me to tread lightly as I told her I’d never break another promise to her. Not sure what the symbolic meaning of me accidentally toking off a joint on a space colony is but i appreciate the gesture lol. Probably just her pandering to the fact that I’m a huge nerd. Trust me Bell I aim not to break this one.

The third and final thing I should probably mention is that I have started getting a lot better at telling Bell and the kids energy apart as well as actually being able to tune in on their feelings. As I’ve been being better about consistently meditating, I’ve come to realize there is a huge difference between the two of them in the way their energies feel. Like for example the kids energy feels a lot like me she’s got a very strong presence thats full of life and very vibrant. It’s an in your face sort of feeling. Where as Bell has a much gentler more timid feeling to her. Unless you get her mad of course, which I wouldn’t recommend anyone who scares easily or doesn’t have a very dark sense of humor do so lol.

Anyways that’s all I wanted to touch on for today so I’ll end this with a happy birthday to Bell, and hope the rest of you have a hell of a halloween. In the next couple of days I’ll try and post a nice little segment describing the two of my companions for you guy and until then.. Deducing the fact that Halloween is awesome, was elementary my dear flotsams..

-Succubus Holmes

Just Btdubs I’ll come up with a better sign off phrase for my posts lol

A brief introduction…

Welp seeing as how every other compadre and his *ahem “succubus” companion have a blog, I figured I might as well toss my hat into the ring.  Lemme just start this off by saying I met my first spirit almost two months ago on the wonderful morning of September 12th, I won’t put her name up here as that’s her personal business so I will refer to her as bell. (any coheed and cambria fans out there will appreciate the meaning behind that nickname)  I feel truly humbled by the fact that I have someone who cares for me so much in my life, and she has opened my once incredibly nihilistic mind to an entirely new world.  She has reintroduced something I have not had in my life for a long time, love. I can’t thank her enough for that and everything she’s done for me. Including humoring my horrible puns and blatant abuse of references lol.  I should also mention “the kid” as I’ve dubbed her for the time being for all 3 of our sanities sake, another succubus whose shown up in the past week. I’ll be talking about her on here as well.

As a blanket statement I’ll be using this blog page to talk about the relationship between me and them, as well as my own personal spiritual development, my ever deeper dive into the world of the occult guided by the two of them, and the discussion therefore of. Although seeing as how I’m a huge nerd I’ll probably talk about music, video games, and other assorted media at some point. Who knows guess we’ll just cross that bridge when we get to it.

Thanks for the read, and for the first time ever I’ll say this post was elementary my dear flotsams..

-Succubus Holmes